Skylights: Brighten up your home naturally

Imagine walking down the stairs in the morning without flicking on the lights, or relaxing in your living room in a totally naturally lit atmosphere. Skylights are a popular upgrade in Edmonton because we have such short days in the winter; they maximize your enjoyment of the sun, even when you're inside your home!

Skylights need extra installation care

The last thing you want with your new skylight is to see dripping or wet ceiling the first time it rains. Our goal is to make your skylight installation a painless process, and give you indoor sun enjoyment for many years to come. As skylight users ourselves (we're true skylight proponents!) we know how important it is to take care when adding a skylight to a roof. Flashing, sealing, and fitment are always top of mind whenever we take on a skylight install.

Benefits of skylights in edmonton homes

  • Natural daylight throughout the entire year – helps keep you sane during the winter months!
  • Added value to your property
  • Lowered electric bills by utilizing sunlight instead of electric lights
  • Kids can see Santa fly over the house once per year without going outside

Interested in a skylight installation for your edmonton property?

Give us a call or submit a contact on our contact page, and we'll walk you through the whole process! It can be less expensive than you might imagine, and the benefits are significant. We provide professional installation of skylights in your home or business (Curb Mount or Flush) from Velux.