Eavestroughs in Edmonton

Eavestroughs dripping, drooping, or dropping off? Avoid the "3 D's" associated with eavestroughs, and protect your property!

We replace, repair, and upgrade eavestroughs around Edmonton and area to ensure our customers have the most modern solutions in place to prevent water damage to the roof, sides, and foundation of their properties (yeah, eavestroughs do a lot, don't they)!

Eavestroughs: So much more than a chore

You know that spot – the one where the eavestrough is kind of hanging funny... Yeah. That's not good.

Your eavestroughs (sometimes called "gutters") actually do a lot for your house! They ensure water doesn't run down your walls, pool on your shingles, or collect at your foundation. During Edmonton's freeze/thaw cycles, especially, your eavestroughs make sure water is kept off the vulnerable areas of your property so it doesn't get into cracks and expand or soak into materials.

Like anything worth having, eavestrough technology does evolve, and they do require repair or replacement over time. The good news is that we do a LOT of eavestrough work around the city, and we can set you up with a high quality eavestrough system that is going to keep doing its job for a long time.

Signs you may need to replace or upgrade your Eavestroughs

  • Perforation or holes in the eavestrough material
  • Leaking at the joints or corners
  • Constant blockages from leaves and debris
  • Eavestroughs hanging or detached from the structure
  • You're getting puddles of water near the wall/foundation of your property

Don't wait until it's too late!

What you really want is to wake up one day and see a crack forming in your basement wall. This could be the result of water pooling and overwhelming your weeping tiles, soaking your foundation and causing really expensive damage. We hate to see that, because honestly, it's easily avoidable if it's caused by improper eavestrough operation.

Stan Renovations & Alu-rex

Did you say "maintenance free?"

For something as one-off as an eavestrough install, we believe you should get a solution that takes care of itself, year after year.

Alu-rex Leafguard is the best way today to keep leaves and pine needles from blocking your downspouts. It also adds extreme strength and durability to maximize the life time of your eavestroughs.

In our opinion, 5" troughs are the best option to capture rainfall without the "bulky look" that so many homeowners strive to avoid. All of our down pipes come with a minimum 5 foot flips (the parts that direct water away from your house). This minimizes the chances of over-loading the weeping tile system. And of course, our troughs come in a wide variety of colours, either in steel or aluminum.

Simply give us a call or submit a contact on our contact page, and we'll walk you through the whole process. Eavestroughs are a staple in our service offerings, so you can rest assured your install is in good hands.