Window Capping

Cap It all off with Window Caps 

Any time you add bulk to the outside of your house (new, thicker siding, exterior insulation, etc.) you'll probably want to consider window caps to bring your windows out from the house.

Window build-outs add a rich look to your existing or new windows.

Window caps and window build outs in edmonton

We specialize in making sure you are so happy with your house's new look that you tell your neighbours about it. One of the main things that grab attention from the street are beautifully accentuated windows in tandem with upgraded siding or roofing.

Interested in upgrading your window caps?

Upgrading the trim around your windows from old wood can also be a significant preventative measure in terms of protecting your sills and walls from moisture or air penetration.

Simply give us a call or submit a contact on our contact page, and we'll walk you through the whole process. We're always excited to be able to help property owners upgrade their properties, and we have a huge range of material, size, and colour options available.