Edmonton Roofing Cost Calculator

We often get asked questions such as:
"How much will my roof cost to replace?"
"Can I just get a quick quote?"
"We have a specific type of roofing material we want – will that increase the cost?"

So, in the interest of transparency and being respectful of your time, we have created Edmonton & Area's only roofing cost calculator.

We reserve the right to accurately provide a quote upon request, but this calculator should help give you a ballpark range of what it will cost to replace your roof in Edmonton and surrounding region. Please reach out for questions or to book your roof replacement.

  • This calculator will output a dollar amount in Canadian dollars. This figure represents the approximate cost for a roof replacement, based on your answers. Stan Renovations Inc. reserves the right to accurately estimate the cost of your roof, which may differ slightly from the answers here. This calculator is an approximation only, and results are not a formal quote.